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Ben Verschuur is a digital growth enthusiast and professional, currently working at Aegon.

Why I am doing this:

By showing you the most important concepts in marketing automation and letting you experience these concepts, you will understand one of the most important skills of the future in an unique way.

How this will work:

Step 1: You fill out the form and from then you will get all sorts of interesting information days before the lecture itself.

Step 2: By reading, sharing and engaging, you will learn the basics and other digital marketing skills.

Step 3: You can win prizes. By clicking on my ads, sharing blogs and reading the cool stuff on this website you can score points. Score enough points and you will win tickets to an Aegon-event about the future of your career or cool Aegon gadgets!

What I kindly ask you:

Please be so kind to fill out the form. In order to facilitate the most digital engaging lecture, I need your feedback. Thank you in advance!